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I shopped around and my own bank was too expensive , after speaking to Go CardPayments I was amazed at how much I saved by going direct to them.

Within a week I had my GPRS terminal and works perfectly in my pub.

Anyone who wants great service , low cost processing and a straight forward set up go direct to this company - Really Impressed !!

After spending half a day speaking to a number of card companies and finding the costs very high for my new business ,  I contacted this company and as they are independent and offer such great rates i decided this was the company to use for my new cafe.

I received my portable machine within a week and the charges each month are very low and this has helped my business keep costs down. Highly recommend this company to any new businesses setting up.

Thank you so much for sorting out our card payment issues.

Its very rare that you get such personal service in this day and age.

Darren thank you again and I have already recommended you to friends of ours who need your help.

We take payments on our website and we were with another company worldpay but Darren arranged a fantastic new package so we switched. This company is brilliant and you must use them to find yourself better rates.

I was with another provider and Go CardPayments called me in the shop to tell me about the great savings I could make by switching providers.

I looked at the savings each month and without any hesitation I switched.

Since switching I have a superfast portable machine and I am saving around £39 a month which is a great saving.

What I really liked was that there was no hassle switching.

It was so easy I just unplugged my old machine and plugged the new one in and now my monthly bills are lower each month.

Darren called me in the shop to tell me about the great savings. I am saving around £40 a month now.

I received my terminal very quickly and works a lot faster than my old machine. What I really liked was that there was no hassle switching.

Go CardPayments managed to save us around £675 a year by switching from our old supplier Worldpay. 

So easy to arrange and anyone who likes to save money and receive 5 star service use this company to arrange the switch over.

Thank you Go Cardpayments

Switched all my businesses from Worldpay after 4 years with them. My new pricing structure with this company via Lloyds is saving me £63 per month.

My Terminal rental is on a 18 month contract and this company even sorted out my PCI compliance. From start to finish fantastic !! great service. I am also passing this company to my business associates. 

The experience with Go CardPayments has been nothing but brilliant from the initial enquiry. I was with another provider Worldpay who seemed to not care about my terminal breaking and left me on hold for over 40 minutes. I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to you and your company. I have received a 5 star service .

Thank you

I was recommended to contact Go CardPayments to see if they could help us make some savings. Due to the industry we are in, it can be difficult to find an acquirer to accept us and we also had a specific list of Payment Gateways that we had to work with. We spoke to Darren who took the time to understand what we did and then came back to us with what our options were. The process was so easy, after a couple of emails and a quick visit from the local representative we are now set up. We have been hand held all the way, which has been so refreshing and they continue to offer support when needed. Thank you so much. Hope this is ok!

Really happy with our choice to go through this company Go CardPayments for our card processing. Great service and awesome rates - they literally handled our changeover to the new provider Lloyds flawlessly , professionally and saved us a nice amount of money each month 

We managed to save £300 a year by taking away the minimum monthly service charges we were paying with our previous provider. Also we saved money by reducing our card processing fees which were 2.99% with our previous provider to a much lower tariff.

Kept the same gateway just got a new merchant number and now paying lower charges and fee's.

So easy to arrange and anyone who has a website get this company to review your charges. Well Impressed !!

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice. I am so pleased that I switched from worldpay  . I have been approached many times to change but have always found others to be too pushy which was why I liked the way darren arranged this for me which was very straightforward and direct and it did not make me feel under pressure! The change was all straight forward too. so happy all round especially as I am going to save almost £100 a month!

I spent days shopping around and every company was too expensive they were wanting to charge set up fee's and minimum service charges etc , but after speaking to this company I was amazed at how much they could save me by going direct to them.

Within a week I had my standard terminal and works perfectly in my salon.

Anyone who wants great service , low cost processing & a straight forward set up then go direct to this company.

This is my new store and I would like to thank you for all your help in arranging another terminal for my new store. I am so pleased that I switched from worldpay . I liked the way darren arranged this for me just like the first store I have which was very straightforward. The set up was all straight forward . By using this company I am going to save almost another £100 a month.

Do not go direct to the banks use this company , they are brokers and will always make sure you receive the best quote. 

"I've just had my first week trading after Darren negotiated some good rates. The process only involved a phone call, a couple of emails, a brief and pleasant visit from Kathryn and to wait for the terminal to arrive. Setup was simple, took only a couple of minutes and worked straight out of the box. From start to finish the service was excellent and all importantly I'm now saving money on both terminal rental and merchant services. If you want the easiest way to save pounds try Go CardPayments.

I had just set up my new business and these guys are very helpful, put my business first, they were very helpful and I have to say they saved me a lot of money, coupled with great customer service.

I did get quite a few quotes but these guys beat everyone.
They truly understand small businesses !!

This company managed to save us £500 a year by reducing our service charges that we were paying with our previous provider. 

Kept the same gateway Sagepay and just got a new merchant number and now we are paying lower charges and fee's every single month.

So easy to arrange thank you.

I am very happy with our choice to use this company to find us the best card processing deal. The charges we are now paying are fixed for the term and after shopping around for a couple of days no other company we spoke to got anywhere near this offering we got with this company. The set up was so easy and quick. 

After been with my previous merchant services provider for 5 years I shopped around and found this company and WOW ... best quote overall.

Don't shop around ... why waste your time.

Go directly to them and sign up , it will be the best thing you do.

Great service & super fast set up. I so wish I had switched earlier.

The process was made simple and easy. With good explanation along the way. The terminal arrived when expected and was so easy to setup. Since then it has been easy to use and beat my current deal have helped greatly sorting our PCI compliance as well. Thank you.

I bank with Natwest and was introduced to a company called Worldpay who were too expensive and wanted to offer me a membership package.

The rates quoted by this company were so low and they did not charge any set up fees or minimum monthly service charges. I am a new business and this company helped me so much. I received my terminal quickly and they have helped me to save a considerable amount of money , were the cheapest overall from 4 quotes I got when I shopped around.

Thank you Go CardPayments , You made me so happy with your service.

As a new business owner the previous tenants recommended me to call this company. We agreed rates and charges then was set up with Lloyds for a PDQ machine. I opted for a 4 year contract as it was the most competitive quote on the market even after speaking to two other providers.

IT support was available to go step by step to set the machine up and we have experienced no issues since installation.   

Ive dealt with Darren for many years now and I did have 3 restaurants with Worldpay but found the charges to high. This company offered me a far better deal and is saving me around £90 per month now.

Ive switched 3 restaurants to this company and now my machines are with Lloyds. Happy with the set up , service and the savings. This is my Outlet 1

I recently contacted go cardpayments as I was shopping around for a better deal as my previous provider Wordpay wrote to me to advise they were increasing the charges .This company offered me a better package and now I save in the region of £35 per month.

Darren offered me low rates and charges for my new business.  I did shop around but this company came out at the top.

The card machine arrived within 7 days and was so easy to self install myself.

I was taking E Commerce payments on my website with a different Payment Solution Provider , they looked after the gateway and I received my processing bills from Worldpay for the cards I took.

I found this company Go CardPayments on Facebook and contacted them as I liked all the positive reviews from other business owners and the fact people were saving money by switching. 

When I contacted Go CardPayments the information required for a quote was minimal and the quote I got was saving me £41 a month so I decided it was time to switch over. The process was smooth and took about 8 or 9 days what I can remember. Ive since referred 2 other businesses to this company also to initiate a switch over. 

My company has just signed up using this company Go Cardpayments.  We are absolutely delighted with both the Terminal and customer service. The machine was easy to set up, easy to use and a pleasure to deal with this company. 

I have saved around £27 per month by switching from Worldpay. 

Go CardPayments called me a few weeks ago to ask if they could review my current charges , I was a little apprehensive at first as I was under the impression I was on a good deal with my current provider but after the review was completed I was presented with an annual saving of £475 a year based on my turnover.

I have a website and I was frightened to switch incase my website stopped working but no it was a simple switchover without any interruptions at all to my website , what I liked about this was I kept my existing gateway provider Sagepay and just changed my merchant service provider and was given a different merchant number which then linked into Sagepay. 

So easy to arrange and hassle free so anyone who likes to save money use this company to arrange the switch over even if you have a website like me.  Well Impressed and I have saved money!!

I've just switched over from world pay after 6 years of been with them , I was visited by Darren out of the blue and after looking at my statement he found me a good monthly saving . Based on my June statement he reduced my costs from £67.83 to £34.88 which is a saving of just over £20 a month. 

Paperwork was done quickly and I was actually very happy how easy it was to do the switchover and the whole process was hassle free. Thank you Darren for all your help and I have passed your details to my friend Abbie who wants to switch from World pay as well as she has just called them and she is out of contract.

I was contacted by this company Go Cardpayments a few weeks ago telling me they had a good package , I was always under the impression that it was too expensive to have a card machine as my previous quotes were too high for us as a business to accept card payments. 

The sales consultant gave me what they could offer and to be honest I was shocked with how low the processing rates  were. I had a meeting with the other directors and we agreed to sign up. I have had the machine a few days now and everyone wants to use the machine to pay - Thank you Go Cardpayments for your excellent service and fantastic rates. 

This company is amazing, I was with World pay and a member of FSB so had really good rates or so I thought however this company managed to get me very competitive rates saving me even more money. I have cancelled the FSB membership saving me £180 and with my new charges I am saving £51 a month , yeah I was paying in excess of £50 more each month whilst I was with Worldpay. The switchover was incredibly quick and pain free. Making this change to another provider can make a difference and save you money so make the call and see if they can save you money.