More and more UK businesses are using Business Cash Advance as a flexible alternative to using a bank

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Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance is all about providing you with the funding you need ,whenever you may need it and is only paid back whenever your customers pay you! It's a very simple solution, and whatever you need funds for you will get a fair price based on the potential of your business, with no APR or harsh varying terms.

The unique repayment system takes a small percentage from your daily settlement of funds from either your card sales or internet sales depending on what facility you have set , so you can enjoy the funding and remain totally focused on your business whilst the payments take care of themselves. Here's how it works:

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Business Cash Advance

is the ideal solution for business owners who:

  • Need a cash injection but want flexible, hassle-free repayments

  • Have been trading for 6 or more months

  • Take an average of £2.5k per month in customer card takings

  • Require the funds within 7 days and hassle free paperwork to complete

2.If you agree to the terms and conditions and we have approved and agreed the amount we will put the funds into your account

1.When you apply we look at your individual circumstances and provide you with a bespoke price 

5 Simple Steps

3.An agreed percentage will be taken from each transaction you take to make your repayments until the funding amount and fee is paid off

4.You can now relax and use the funds to help and support your business whilst the repayments take care of themselves from the transactions you take

5.Once you have paid back the funding amount and fee you can if needed apply for further funding all over again using a simple process

Access funding from £2,500 - £300,000 at one cost that never changes and have your funding in a matter of days with the least paperwork , you just need to be accepting at least £2,500 a month in card payments and have been in business for at least 4 months and you can apply

Get a fast decision without impacting your credit score

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